Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Reading Land

As the winter continues to rear its ugly head, I am on the hunt for some new reading material.

I've been thinking a lot about friendship, family, love and personal growth lately, and am therefore in the mood to read something that contains some, if not all of these elements.

During my search I discovered a book by the title "Farther Than I Meant To Go, Longer Than I meant to Stay" by Tiffany L. Warren. Upon doing some further research, I discovered that it's a national best seller and that this isn't her first book.

I'm definitely one of those people who judges a book by its cover, and I am completely sold on this one. I've ordered a copy and I'm waiting for it, but in the mean time I am reading a google books preview of it. I just couldn't wait for it! So far I am completely taken with the story. Since I haven't finished reading the book yet, I'll tell you what I know about it so far:

The main character, Charmayne Ellis, is a woman who is very successful in her professional life, but is still hoping to find love. She thinks that her lack of luck in this area has to do with the fact that she is overweight. Feeling desperate and insecure, she rushes into a marriage with a man who may not be right for her.

Oh yeah: based on what I've read about the author, God and faith will definitely play a role in this story. I'm not very religious, but a good read is a good read.

Happy reading!

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Sidne said...

Let me know how it reads once you are part finished