Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What blogs should we be linking to?

Hey Ringshout community,

We started our blog roll--but like we keep saying, we don't know everything. Let us know blogs that deal with high-quality African-American literature that we ought to have on our roll. Throw 'em down there in the comments section. Thanks!


susan said...

Black-Eyed Susan's. I review mostly YA lit here. Emphasis is on writers of color. Color Online focuses on women of color writers for all genres and age groups. We actively run contest, quizzes, profiles, a variety of activities to introduce readers to writers of color.

We're currently promoting Zetta Elliott's book, A Wish After Midnight. Check out the trailer.

You are already on our blog rolls. Hope you'll add both.

RingShout said...

just put you up. will check out color online too.

merc3069 said...

Here at BookBitten I review everything, but Carleen Brice likes me enough to link to me!;-) I have reviewed Pearl Cleage, Bertice Berry, etc. Check me out!

Anonymous said...

clouscome, a librarian, does great review of multiracial literature:

Doret said...

Black girl lost in a good book is a must add
As is WriteBlack
As is Crazy Quilts - a blog by a Black children's librarian,
And The BrownBookShelf
Finally I'll throw my own blog into the mix Thehappynappybookseller I do mainly children's and YA but if its an adult book I think teens could read I'll review it- likes Whitehead's Sag Harbor,

Claudia said...

Howdy Folks - Most of the wonderful blogs that I read daily have already been mentioned! Two blogs that I contribute to (and that post about black literature quite often) are Literary Obama, and The Bottom of Heaven. (You've already been added to the blogrolls on both sites.)
I'd also recommend: Afrogeek Mom and Dad.