Friday, February 8, 2008

Party all the time!

The RingShout launch party on February 1 was a blast. This party with a purpose drew more than 100 eager and interested folks. The ideas and the fun flew fast and furious. After taking a little breather, the founding circle is getting together on the 21st to cull the ideas and begin to reach out for assistance as we move forward. For now, here's a pic of us taken by the fabulous Sarah McNally--thanks Sarah! (I'm clearly the RingShout elf) Thanks so much to all who came! Martha S.

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Unknown said...

I was not at AWP and this is the first I am learning of this organization. My friend and myself, both graduate students at Florida State University, have been searching for an organization like this. Is there any other information you can provide in term of the organization and getting involved with it?